Donald Trump supported bikers in a boycott of Harley-Davidson

Donald Trump supported bikers in a boycott of Harley-Davidson

August 13, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

US President Donald Trump expressed support for bikers who want to declare a boycott of Harley-Davidson. The head of state wrote about this in his Twitter. The motorcyclists went to such measures because of the company’s decision to transfer its production from the USA to other countries.

“Many owners of Harley-Davidson plan to declare a boycott of the company, in case of transferring production to other countries. Excellent! Most other companies are coming to us, including competitors Harley. For them, in the United States, there will soon be equal conditions or even better, ” – Trump wrote.

The company Harley-Davidson decided to postpone the production of its motorcycles for Europe from the US in June this year. This decision was made because of the European Union’s response to the decision of US President Donald Trump to impose duties on steel and aluminum.

As a result of such measures, the cost of each motorcycle Harley-Davidson can grow by about 2.2 thousand dollars, it was counted in the company. At the same time, the press service of the brand, has not yet been informed where motorcycles for Europe will be assembled.
In turn, US President Donald Trump expressed surprise with the decision of the concern. Such a move the head of state considered a “white flag” rise.

“Surprised that Harley-Davidson became the first company to raise the white flag. I fought hard for them, and in the end they will not pay duties on sales in the EU, which caused us a great loss in trade at 151 billion dollars, ” – Trump wrote on his Twitter.

The company Harley-Davidson in the next decade plans to bring to the market ten new motorcycles. One of them will become a fully electric vehicle. The company’s management recently decided to invest additional funds in the development of electrical technologies, which should attract new fans to the production.