Domino’s road plane for pizza delivery was put up for sale

Domino’s road plane for pizza delivery was put up for sale

December 26, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Three-wheeler Tritan A2 tried to use the delivery service in the 80s

An announcement on the sale of the unusual three-wheeler Tritan A2, which in the 80s used Domino’s pizzeria for the delivery service, appeared on the Facebook trading platform. A total of ten prototypes were assembled, outwardly similar to a plane without wings.

The construction of machines engaged in the now defunct Tritan Ventures from Michigan. At first, prototypes were wanted to be tested in several Domino’s restaurants, and if successful, they could be distributed throughout the network as an innovative delivery tool.

The rear-wheel drive Tritan A2 was equipped with a Syvaro 440-cc rotary engine with a power of 30 horsepower. From zero to one hundred kilometers per hour, the little car accelerated in 17 seconds, and its maximum speed did not exceed 153 kilometers per hour. Access to the cockpit was carried out through a sliding lamp, like a real aircraft.

Total known about the seven surviving copies of Tritan A2: two are in a private collection, three – in the museums of the United States and Japan, and the status of two more is still unknown. The seller wants to receive for the tricycle 23 thousand dollars