Domenicali: There have never been so many good riders

Domenicali: There have never been so many good riders

October 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Stefano Domenicali, a former Ferrari team leader and now CEO of Lamborghini, believes that there are more talented riders in the World Cup than ever in the past.

“We got a new situation: in Formula 1 there have never been so many good racers,” said Domenicali, speaking on the air of the Italian radio channel Rai GR Parlamento. – This increases the value of the championship and suggests that the training system for racing personnel to Formula 1, created by the FIA, is working.

Among the leaders are young talents such as Lecler and Verstappen, but they are followed by Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz. There are no shortages of good racers, and it’s difficult to build any ratings here.

Lewis Hamilton is on his way to the next title, and he is already on Formula 1 Olympus; Lecler is undoubtedly an excellent pilot, and his psychological preparation is the same as that of a man twice his age; Verstappen used to be somewhat unrestrained, but now it seems he has found the opportunity to change his approach to racing. “

Domenicali evaluates the work of Ferrari this season somewhat critically, but hopes that the situation is changing for the better: “In theory, they have everything to start winning again, but there are fewer achievements than could be – many reasons have influenced this. But the ending of the season promises to be more successful, because in recent months the car has added very noticeably. I hope that in 2020, Scuderia will have excellent chances … ”