Domenicali: Charles Leclair reminds Nicky Laud

Domenicali: Charles Leclair reminds Nicky Laud

September 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Stefano Domenicali, a former leader of Scuderia, who has been the managing director of Lamborghini since 2016, spoke highly of Charles Lecler, who last Sunday opened the account for his victories in Formula 1.

“A great guy, a bright head, with his extremely thoughtful and prudent approach to racing, he reminds me of Nicky Lauda,” Domenicali said on RadioSOI Sport. – He was always quick when he performed in youth categories, but he is proving his skills now. Its strength is its psychological preparation, which usually distinguishes more mature pilots. It is his ability to cold analysis and the ability to remain calm that he reminds me of Lauda.

But the victory is the merit of the whole team, Ferrari very clearly calculated the tactics of pit stops, although I would not say that this was done to the detriment of Vettel. Here we must be more careful with the conclusions, and I am sure that in Monza we will see a lot of interesting things. ”

Domenicali also shared his opinion about Mick Schumacher: “I know him since when he was still a boy, and now he is growing, developing, but he needs to be given enough time. He should spend another season in Formula 2 before moving to F1. He certainly has the talent and desire to succeed. ”