Dogs make people drive more carefully

Dogs make people drive more carefully

May 10, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A new study by SEAT showed that dogs have a positive effect on motorists.

Driving with a dog in a car helps reduce stress while driving and contributes to safer driving, experts concluded in a new study, SEAT U.K. A study by a Spanish company showed that more than half of the dog owners surveyed (54%) said they drive more carefully when traveling with their pet in the car.

This is especially true for young drivers (69%) aged 18-24, according to whom they drive more carefully with a dog in the car. In addition, older drivers (42%) over 55 said they were more careful when their dogs were in the car. London drivers 70% and 66% respectively said that this would make them more careful when driving.

Moreover, the presence of a dog in the car also reduced the stress level of the driver: 35% of respondents said that they feel calmer when their dog is in the car.