Dodge showed the first teaser with restyling muscle car Challenger SRT Helkat

Dodge showed the first teaser with restyling muscle car Challenger SRT Helkat

May 3, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Judging by the first of them, the restyling coupe will receive a hood with two “nostrils” in the spirit of the classic mask-glasses of the mid-1960s-1970s. Similar hoods were equipped and some models Pontiac 20-year-old prescription.

After a little work in Photoshop, you can see something else. For example, the restyling Hellcat will be equipped with extended arches, which will relate to this modification with a limited Demon oil mask. Update and wheel rims.

As for the engine and the gearbox, there is no information in this respect, but nothing prevents Dodge from slightly raising the capacity of the compressor eight-cylinder engine with capacity 6.2 liters from 707 horsepower, up to, for example, 725-750 hp.

The presentation of the restyling Challenger SRT Hellcat will take place this year, but it is still not known exactly when this will happen.

Recall that the current Challenger is built on the platform Chrysler LC platform, while the next generation of the model will get a more progressive “skeleton” Maserati Ghibli. The transition to a new chassis is scheduled for 2021.

Sales Challenger are at a stable level, despite the outdated platform. In the last two years, the brand sold approximately 64,000 copies of this model, while Ford sold last year more than 81,000 copies of the Mustang. Chevrolet sold last year just over 67,000 copies of the Camaro, so the battle for buyers in this segment continues.