Dodge Demon Convertible Available

Dodge Demon Convertible Available

January 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

High-performance Demon has low mileage and high cost.

Maslkar Dodge Demon became the basis for a variety of tuning projects. And this Demon was no exception. The car is painted in a purple hue, and instead of a rigid roof, a folding one was installed.

A unique convertible is currently on display at the Cape Coral and experts say the car is in excellent condition. According to MotorAuthority, this Dodge Demon has only one owner – a Michigan dealership. The machine is equipped with a huge V8 engine with an output of 840 hp.

 The car was modernized at Droptop Customs of High Springs, in Florida. It is noteworthy that this company began its activities in 1976, and its most famous projects were a couple of Challenger convertibles commissioned by Shaquille O’Neill.

  The tuners not only equipped the car with a soft roof, but also strengthened the body with metal bars and additional struts. The 3-layer soft top has heated glass and a hydraulic drive is used for folding. It takes 20 seconds to completely decompose the roof.

Mileage of the car is only 172 miles, which makes it possible to say that it is in a new state. In the current period, this convertible is estimated at $ 145,995