Dodge declined to revive Viper

Dodge declined to revive Viper

June 4, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The Dodge brand, part of the alliance Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, does not plan to revive the Viper supercar. According to the head of the group Sergio Marchionne, the model does not bring profit. He said this in an interview with Automobile Magazine.

The head of the FCA believes that the Dodge Viper is not the car that should be equipped with compact engines of the new family, but he would be glad if the engineers still managed to find the optimal solution. Nevertheless, in the current five-year plan for the development of the Dodge range, the release of Viper is not envisaged.

Place Viper in the product line FCA may take another model – the revived supercar Alfa Romeo 8C. His release was announced at a press conference on the development of the brand until 2022. According to preliminary information, this will be a 700-hp hybrid with a carbon-fiber monocoque and a mid-engine layout. From a place to a 100 kilometers per hour such a car can accelerate in less than three seconds.

In late May, the publication Car and Driver published information that the new generation Dodge Viper will debut in the next year. The model will be built on an aluminum platform, and instead of the engine V10 will equip the eight-cylinder engine Hellcat.

The last copy of the Dodge Viper of the fifth worship descended from the factory assembly line in Detroit on August 17 last year. The reason for stopping the production of a supercar was the new safety rules, which required equipping all cars with side curtains. For Viper it is technologically impossible.