Dodge Charger Hellcat was redesigned into an armored car

Dodge Charger Hellcat was redesigned into an armored car

September 7, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The American company Armormax built a bulletproof version of the “charged” sedan Dodge Charger Hellcat. The car can be protected in accordance with the class B7 – that is, the machine will withstand shots from 7.62 weapons and grenade explosions under the bottom.

The car received armored glasses, Run Flat tires, flashing beacons, a police ram on the front bumper, and additional protection for the fuel tank, electronic control unit, radiator, battery and motor. In addition to the machine, you can order a system to protect against gas attacks, completely blocking the access of air from the outside, and the intercom.

The power unit of the sedan remained the same. The Hellcat is still equipped with a 6.2-liter eight-cylinder engine that produces 717 horsepower and 881 Nm of torque. The only changes in the technical stuffing are the appearance of the all-wheel drive transmission and the reinforced suspension prepared for the increased weight.

The usual civil rear-wheel drive Dodge Charger Hellcat accelerates from a place to 100 kilometers per hour for 3.7 seconds. The maximum speed is 328 kilometers per hour. What are the dynamic characteristics of the armored sedan is not specified.

Earlier Armormax built a protected version of the Tesla Model S sedan, which the company called the fastest armored car in the world.