Dodge Challenger Snowcat boasts 1000 hp power

Dodge Challenger Snowcat boasts 1000 hp power

January 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A modernized version of the American supercar was tested by Tim Burton, who is quite a popular blogger, known to his fans under the nickname Shmee150. His YouTube channel has a review of the 1000-strong version of the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat.

The upgraded car was called the Snowcat. The video not bad conveys the feelings of a blogger from driving such a powerful car. Above all, Snowcat received a wide-body body kit from Prior Design, which adds width to its wings. The enlarged front splitter and rear diffuser also give the modernized American coupe some elegance. Huge rims have got Dunlop tires with a vintage design that includes a white stripe and a company logo.

The owner of this car, unfortunately, did not go into details about the modifications that occurred with the engine.

But we offer to enjoy the charming sound of the exhaust. Dodge Challenger received a pneumatic suspension, which allows you to “drop” the car almost to the ground if you wish. According to the blogger, the car was very dynamic – it’s a pleasure to drive it.

  Dodge Challenger in the modification of Snowcat is a project of the SMS Design & Performance tuning studio of the State of Bahrain, which is engaged in the modernization of a wide range of vehicles. Among their projects are the cars of the revived British carmaker TVR, as well as models of the German brand Mercedes-Benz.

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