Do you see a jaguar? And he is! New videos from Jaguar

Do you see a jaguar? And he is! New videos from Jaguar

October 31, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

In the new Jaguar advertising campaign, no one but the dogs notice the big cat.

Jaguar has released three commercials in which the main characters are walking in the company of a large snorting jaguar. Judging by the behavior of people, it does not frighten anyone. A much greater bewilderment in others causes the behavior of the owners of the jaguar. For example, a girl who avoids everything popular just shocks a man at the reception of the hotel: “Wait for you with your jaguar! You see, here the person refuses popular offers! “.

Perhaps someone will notice a big predatory cat in the second video? Yes. The dogs see him, are nervous and immediately make paws together. And what about their master? He was simply lost in conjectures and clearly does not notice the jaguar, as, incidentally, the girl reading a book next to her and two HLS supporters kneading each other nearby. They do not pay attention to the wild beast and the old men on the bench, but they can be understood – something that only they have not seen in their lives.

The third video again brings us back to the hotel, where the day concierge, apparently, had already been taken to the “yellow house” in a straitjacket, and the experienced headwaiter replaced him. He gently tries to stop a woman going for a walk with a jaguar, but he doesn’t come out from behind the bar. Probably he senses something, but it is impossible to understand him by his facial expression. Although the open mouth is a clear sign that he saw something, but he will not tell anyone about it, because he remembers where the young day concierge went.

What happened to people who are not afraid of a big wild cat? Perhaps this jaguar is simply not dangerous for humans, as are the advertised cars.