Division Hyundai N develops the flagship sports car

Division Hyundai N develops the flagship sports car

July 21, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

A well-known South Korean company confirmed that the flagship of the N-brand is being developed now. This division of Hyundai specializes in sports models. This is reported by the foreign edition of Auto Express.

The information was confirmed by the company’s top manager Thomas Shemer. According to him, the launch of the hatchback and fast-track i30 N along with Veloster N is the completion of the first stage of the N-line.

The next stage is the creation by the engineers of our own car of the unit, which, nevertheless, will not be released under the Hyundai brand, as it is an independent project. “The whole idea is to strengthen the position of the brand and with the same to bring something new,” – says the head of the company.

So far, this next stage is at an early stage of development. Within the company, there is still a debate as to what exactly the flagship model should be. Whether it’s a two-seater coupe, or a sports sedan like Kia Stinger. In production, the flagship will only come in a few years.

Chief Engineer Albert Beermann promises something hot. He outlined his plans from the very beginning of the project, so the process of creating other N-models is much simplified. For example, the next generation i20 supermini is expected to be one of the first.

Let’s remind that Hyundai i30 N Line will soon enter the markets. Thanks to the new package, the car became more aggressive.