Dieter Zetsche will leave the post of head of Daimler concern

Dieter Zetsche will leave the post of head of Daimler concern

September 26, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The contract of Dieter Zetsche, which turned 65 in May, will expire only in 2019, but in Daimler already decided to announce that the next higher executive position in the concern will be occupied by another person, the 49-year-old Swede Ola Kelenius, who since 2017 is the head Department of Research and Development.

Together with Zetsche Daimler says goodbye to an era in which traditional cars with ICE played a key role. Now everything is changing: the concern spends billions of euros on the development of electric vehicles, mobile technologies and artificial intelligence, which in the future will replace all drivers, at least in countries with good road infrastructure. New challenges require new approaches and strategies, and the Swede Ola Kelenius, according to Zetsche and other members of the Daimler Board of Directors, is the best candidate possible.

Formal castling will take place in 2019, after which a two-year transition period will begin, during which Zetsche will immerse Kelenius in all the details of the management of the giant auto concern. In 2021, Zetsche will finally surrender the powers of the operational leader and take the honorary position of member of the Supervisory Board of Daimler.

Dieter Zetsche worked all his life in one company: he came to Daimler-Benz in 1976 as an ordinary engineer, but he quickly showed managerial skills and from the beginning of the 80s began to occupy leading positions. In 1998, Zetsche joined the Board of Directors, and in 2006 he became its chairman and headed the already disintegrating at the time alliance DaimlerChrysler.

Zetsche has made great efforts to save DaimlerChrysler and even personally participated in a massive advertising campaign for Jeep, Chrysler and Dodge cars as Dr. Z. Marketers thought that the colorful appearance of Zetsche with his magnificent mustache would attract new customers to American cars, but they made a mistake – many viewers thought The image of Dr. Z is too caricature, not very suitable to the American style of life.

In recent years, Daimler, led by Zetsche, has shown excellent financial performance. In 2017, the concern received a profit of 14.7 billion euros, in 2016 – 12.9 billion, in 2015 – 13.2 billion. Interestingly, these profits are paid out generous bonuses to ordinary workers (though, that work in the factories of Daimler in Germany): according to the results of 2017, everyone was given 5700 euros each, last year – 5400 euros, in the year before – at 5650 euros.

In 2018, however, hard-working lips can not be rolled out especially: due to large investments in innovative sectors, the profit forecast of the concern is regularly pessimized, so there are great chances that ordinary employees will not get the expected premiums and will indignantly say: “Under Zetsche this was not! “