“Dieselgate”: time to pay bills

“Dieselgate”: time to pay bills

July 10, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The American Court of Appeal ordered Volkswagen to pay $ 10 billion to car owners who were touched by the “diesel scandal”. The court decision was made on Monday, June 9.

The court statement said about the confirmation of the absence of fraud, cunning or collusion between the parties. This was the primary task of the department. As a result, the concluded agreement is fair and suitable for all parties.

“We note that the settlement brought tangible and significant benefits to members of the class action,” the statement reads. “We are confirming the decree on fertilizing the settlement.”

Earlier, the US government accused the German concern of deliberately lowering the emissions of harmful substances by equipping cars with banned software. Then 482 thousand cars of marks of Volkswagen and Audi (division of concern), realized in the period from 2009 till 2015 were withdrawn. In April 2018, the company agreed on the repayment of cars involved in the “diesel engine” and payment of compensation to their owners.

In addition, recently there have been reports from Germany about investigations and inspections in connection with suspicions of diesel fraud. And several large German companies have already fallen for the installation of the aforementioned prohibited software. Andreas Scheuer, the head of the Ministry of Transport of Germany, said that Daimler AG will have to withdraw from the European market 774 thousand diesel cars brand Mercedes.