Diesel engine burst after 8 minutes at limit

Diesel engine burst after 8 minutes at limit

September 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

YouTube channel KT3406E, which specializes in conducting various experiments with transport equipment, decided to show what happens if a diesel engine is operated at maximum loads for a long time.

To implement their venture, the bloggers took an old 1970s GMC tractor unit, equipped with a Detroit Diesel 8V71 engine. Interestingly, before the experiment, the car had not been started for 12 years.

The truck was specially immobilized by removing the front axle and axle. After that, the engine was accelerated to 4500 rpm by pressing the gas pedal to the floor.

For some time, the engine worked without interruption, but then black thick smoke began to go out of it, and in the 8th minute of intensive work, it caught fire with a bright flame.

After that, the YouTubers disassembled the motor and found the damage. It turned out that he had several valves and one piston out of order, while the cylinders were covered with scratches. But the remaining seven of the eight pistons, as well as the crankshaft, surprisingly, were not damaged.

This experiment clearly shows how dangerous old diesel cars can be, especially with worn seals – if oil gets into the combustion chamber, it can ignite. To prevent this, the engine must be deprived of fuel or air.