Diesel Cadillac Escalade will receive the designation 600D

Diesel Cadillac Escalade will receive the designation 600D

June 13, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The American company is preparing to release the first diesel variation of a large SUV.

The American automaker Cadillac spoke about the diesel modification of a new generation of the Escalade SUV. It became known that the new product will receive the designation 600D. This designation is easily explained by the parameters of the power plant – the letter D indicates the diesel type of the engine, and the number 600 allows you to get information about the torque, which is 623 Nm.

The engine displacement is 3.0 liters, and the maximum power reaches 281 hp. This index system was new to Cadillac – until 2020, it was not used. The new scheme is intended for all cars of the brand, except for the V-series. According to the brand leader, using the designation is much easier to understand the characteristics of the car. In the future, a similar system is also planned to be used for gasoline, hybrid and electric cars of the brand.

The designation of the engine type and torque is universal, as in the case of different motors, they help to maximize the characteristics of the car.

Earlier it became known that Cadillac will stop production of a large CT6 sedan. The car for 4 years on the market did not show the desired results, and 2019 was the most unsuccessful for the model.