Did the journalists capture the most powerful Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series?

Did the journalists capture the most powerful Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series?

April 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Quite strange prototypes of the powerful Mercedes-AMG GT coupe were seen on the Nürburgring. Judging by the more aggressive body kit and the evil roar of the engine, we face the most powerful version of the Black Series.

After the German sports brand Mercedes-AMG began mass production of the GT coupe in the R Pro version last week, it seems that the time has come to test the most powerful version of the model. The novelty, which will receive a prefix to the name of the Black Series, will be presented in 2020. The last time this name was used for one of the versions of the SLS coupe a few years ago.

Although we cannot be completely sure that the disguised prototype found on the Nürburgring racing circuit is indeed a performance of the Black Series, it doesn’t look like the GT R Pro. The published video shows several mysterious coupe prototypes from Mercedes. The video is short, but these seconds were enough for us to draw some conclusions.

It seems that the disguised car is different from other versions of the car by a different aerodynamic body kit with a modified front bumper and a more aggressive splitter that bulges harder than the GT R Pro.

The rear of the car shows that the exhaust system is clearly under development. We can only hear the rumble of the V8 engine for a short time, but the roar of the 4.0-liter twin-turbine engine is indeed suitable for the Black Series.

It is too early to talk about how much power the “black version” of the German coupe will have, but it is unlikely to be less than 630 hp produced in the GT 63 S. There is no doubt that the new product will lose a few kilos.