Developed car engine without camshaft. It saves up to 20% gasoline

Developed car engine without camshaft. It saves up to 20% gasoline

August 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Despite the desire of manufacturers to transfer the entire model line of cars to electric traction, engineers from around the world continue to improve the internal combustion engine. The development of a group of researchers from the Swiss state institute Empa allows to reduce fuel costs by 20%.

The FlexWork electro-hydraulic installation proposed by engineers eliminates the classic camshaft and significantly improves the efficiency of internal combustion engines.

The developers set themselves the goal of creating a reliable and economical valve system, the production cost of which is significantly lower in comparison with systems based on a camshaft. FlexWork technology involves valve control through electromagnetic coils. When voltage is applied to the winding, the coils open the valve. When the voltage is turned off, the valve returns to its closed position by means of a spring. As a result, a minimum of energy is consumed.

Having tested their development on the 1.4-liter Volkswagen TSI engine, Empta engineers found that their valve installation saves up to 20% of fuel. Tests began in October 2018, and according to the authors of the project, the engine has been successfully operating to date. One of the most promising moments in the FlexWork project is the low cost of components. This allows to reduce the cost of production of engines and the final price for cars with an internal combustion engine.