Developed an “ultra-flexible” platform for electric vehicles

Developed an “ultra-flexible” platform for electric vehicles

May 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Israeli startup REE on Monday, May 4, showed off a new platform for electric cars. This architecture is characterized by a large number of variable parts.

As the developers note, thanks to the new product, those opportunities appear that any other development currently offered cannot provide.

The “ultra-flexible” platform provides for a flat floor, and all the equipment – the engine suspension, steering and brakes – were placed in separate wheel modules. Since it is possible to rearrange the wheels, the platform can become the base not only for city cars, but also for trucks.

But the design is not just a “motor in a wheel” with a high unsprung weight, which threatens difficulties in management: the power unit is attached to the suspension. At the same time, for dismantling and replacing the motor, as the creators say, it will take no more than 18 minutes.