Detroit auto show postponed due to coronavirus outbreak

Detroit auto show postponed due to coronavirus outbreak

March 29, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The organizers of the car show in Detroit, decided to postpone the event. Now the automobile exhibition will be held in June this year.

Due to the fact that the situation with coronavirus is changing rapidly every day, the US Federal Emergency Management Agency decided that the holding of the International North American Auto Show in Detroit in 2020 will be suspended. The fact is that the venue of the car dealership was the cultural and entertainment center in Detroit, known as the TCF Center, which has now been selected as a field hospital for patients with the COVID-19 coronavirus.

 The Detroit Auto Show, one of the most important automotive events in the United States, is due to resume work in June 2021.

This was reported by the city press of Detroit, which in turn learned the news from the organizers of the show on Saturday.

 This is the first year that the car dealership was supposed to take place in June and take place in the fresh air along the promenade and the central square of the city. The program of the event will include test drives, demonstrations of new technologies and Motor Bella – a preliminary festival of English and Italian cars in the city center.

“The health and well-being of the citizens of Detroit and Michigan is of utmost importance to us. TCF Cultural Center is now taking on a more responsible function of the field hospital, ”said Rod Alberts, Executive Director of NAIAS (this is the designation for the Detroit Auto Show).

 It is reported that the official website of the International North American Auto Show in Detroit has already published a new schedule for June 2021. Well, those tickets that were sold for a canceled show will be returned at full price.

 According to government officials, Detroit recorded the largest number of positive cases of coronavirus infection in Michigan, reaching 1,377 units. There are also 4,650 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the state, along with 111 deaths.