Details published about the new crossover Nissan

Details published about the new crossover Nissan

June 1, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Japanese automaker held an online presentation of its new secret crossover, which we know from the Nissan Ariya concept.

AutoTimesNews reported earlier that Nissan unveiled the IMx concept at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2017 to demonstrate its intentions to introduce an electric SUV. The initial prototype was refined in October 2019 when the company introduced the Ariya concept at the same auto show in Japan with an exterior design close to production. And now our editorial office has learned that the serial version has been patented by the brand.

Compared to the concept, the production Nissan Ariya will be distinguished by the presence of several additional small rectangles at the bottom of the triangular cutouts in the bumper. The bumper itself has also undergone a change. On the side was a cover for the charging port, slightly extended to the front of the wing, in contrast to the concept in which it was located right next to the door. For some reason, the patent images depict an electric car without side mirrors, but they will probably be installed on a production car.

The model is built on the new all-wheel drive electric platform e ‑ 4orce, on which the prototype Leaf AWD is built. In the latter, by the way, the total return of the power plant is 304 hp, and the cruising range is about 480 km. The chassis itself is the 2013 familiar CMF platform. The current Qashqai and X ‑ Trail are built on it.

The equipment of the novelty included the proprietary “Nissan” system ProPilot 2.0 – a kind of harbinger of autonomous driving systems, which allows you to go “without hands” in your lane, but with some limitations. First you need to set a specific route in the navigation, after which the electronics will determine which areas of the autobahn you can go without hands. Before rebuilding, the driver must make sure that the maneuver is safe and give a signal with a turn signal – after that the car will change the lane on its own. In short, the system is not much different from what we see today on many mass-produced machines.

It is expected that the electric car will be available at the turn of 2020 and 2021.