Details on the all-electric BMW 5 Series sedan have become known

Details on the all-electric BMW 5 Series sedan have become known

June 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Under the hood of the most powerful performance of an electric sedan is a 10,000 Nm motor and 720 horsepower. This version of the machine will not be put into production.

The car, which was previously a mid-size sedan in the M550i xDrive version, has now become a true electric vehicle with more power and torque than even the powerful M5 Competition. In an effort to demonstrate that electric cars really have a future, and there is no turning back, BMW has equipped the car with a fifth-generation electric drive. The upcoming iX3 crossover will be the first BMW Series model, equipped with a fifth-generation electrical installation.

 This BMW 5 Series Sedan is an experimental electric vehicle. He can offer more than 720 horsepower. Foreign publications spoke with BMW 5 Series project manager Mathias Stangl to learn about the torque that the engine provides: “about 10,000 newton meters on the axles”.

 For comparison, this is an additional 103 hp. and a staggering 9,250 Nm compared to the powerful M5 in the high-performance version of the Competition.

 BMW revealed secrets about the configuration of the motor – one of the electric motors is mounted on the front axle, and the other two are on the rear axle. Speaking of axles, the front end was actually derived from the newly updated 7th series, while the rear end also borrowed some pieces from a full-size luxury sedan. The rest of the car is mostly standard 5th series, including the interior.

  Despite the fact that the car weighs 2,404 kg, it will accelerate to 100 km / h in less than three seconds thanks to an incredible torque. With this project, the guys from BMW decided to show that they have everything they need to make an electric car truly exciting for car enthusiasts.

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