Details of the organization of the Grand Prix of Austria

Details of the organization of the Grand Prix of Austria

May 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The 2020 Formula 1 season is scheduled to begin with two races in Austria on July 5 and 12. According to Helmut Marko, only three weeks are enough to prepare the Red Bull Ring circuit for the dual stage.

At the same time, some details of how the Grand Prix will be organized were known. From television companies, only representatives of the official broadcaster, FOM, can get to the circuit. National television companies, such as British Sky Sports, German RTL , will not be allowed on the track and will be able to comment on free rides, qualifications and races from the studios, receiving the same TV picture for everyone.

In addition, representatives of print and Internet media, team guests, VIPs and fans will not have access to the circuit. Each team will be able to bring from 60 to 80 employees to the stage. Thus, about 1000 people will be on the territory of the race track.

Those on the racetrack must comply with strict restrictions. Be sure to wear masks and observe a two-meter distance. Each team will live in a separate hotel and move in specially prepared minibuses for it. You can only leave hotels for trips to the circuit. You can only leave the race track to return to the hotel. Similar restrictions will apply to riders. Team members and riders will not be able to fly out of Austria between the races on July 5 and 12.

“After the first race, you can return to the track only next Thursday,” Helmut Marko explains. – On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday after the race, everyone should stay in their hotels. We cannot do without such restrictions, since it would be too difficult to carry out tests for coronavirus each time. Only those with a negative test will be able to come to Austria. ”

In addition, the organizers of the stage are trying to get permission to use the Zeltweg military airfield, located five kilometers from the Red Bull Ring, for delivering cargo and arriving charter flights with team members.

Helmut Marko confirmed that only a new outbreak of coronavirus can prevent two races in Spielberg: “If the number of infected people increases sharply in the coming weeks, we can do nothing. It’s not in our power. ”