Details about the mid-engine Corvette have been poured into the network

Details about the mid-engine Corvette have been poured into the network

February 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

On the next series of “spy” photos of the new generation of the sports coupe, it is already possible to more clearly see the appearance of the car. There is still data on when the long-awaited novelty will finally be presented.

Over the past couple of months, we have seen a lot of really cool visualizations of the mid-engine American sports coupe Corvette. Today, another series of “spy” photos of the long-awaited news appeared in the foreign media. It is reported that the car was spotted in the south-east of Michigan, not far from the GM test site. Chevrolet company is part of the American concern General Motors.

 I must say that these pictures contain some interesting details that we have not seen before.

We can look through the camouflage cover, hiding the front and rear lights of the novelty. We can see the outlines of the design, especially from the front, where we see a multi-matrix LED setup with a white stripe in the upper part, which is also an orange turn signal. I must say that the front and rear optics of the sports coupe are already serial and they have significant similarities with the current Corvette model.

  The new generation of the model, which will receive the index C8, has a more aggressive spoiler, with active aerodynamic elements. Recall that we also saw new test cars with a very thin spoiler. Apparently, the rear bumper will receive a new diffuser – this exterior detail looks very ambiguous. A close-up of the front bumper shows us large air intakes at the corners that we saw on previous test prototypes. Body lines on the hood are clearly defined. In the center is some detail, we assume that this is a special device that is needed for testing.

  The most important question of all is when will the new Corvette be finally shown? There is no exact data about it yet.

Not so long ago, our publication published the image of a new generation coupe Corvette.