Details about the extreme sedan BMW M3 CS have appeared

Details about the extreme sedan BMW M3 CS have appeared

May 18, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The BMW M3 in the Competition Sport version is believed to already be on the assembly line.

The new BMW M3 Competition, despite the huge radiator grille, is a brutal and very fast version of the compact sedan. However, the Germans prepared an even more hardcore car.

BMWblog, citing its own sources, writes that the G80 BMW M3 will receive a version of Competition Sport, abbreviated CS. For the Bavarian brand, this version is commonplace. Recall that the F80 M3 has a CS version released in 2018.

There are fewer details about the future novelty than we would like. We know that the G80 BMW M3 CS will get an improved weight, which is to be expected when it comes to CS models. But whether the BMW M3 CS will get a proprietary xDrive all-wheel drive system is not yet clear. Also a big question is whether the “charged” sedan will get “mechanics”.

At the same time, foreign experts believe that the M3 CS will eventually be equipped with both a rear-wheel drive system and a gear lever.

So far, that’s all we’ve learned about the upcoming CS series sedan. The CarsWeek portal will follow the fate of this curious car novelty and promptly report the latest details.