Detailing studio AMMO NYC presented the concept of its own game

Detailing studio AMMO NYC presented the concept of its own game

November 1, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Larry Cosilla of AMMO NYC, a car detailing company, presents a concept for his own video game, called Car Detailing Simulator. The game will be exclusive to PC.

There is much more to Larry Cosill and his detailing studio AMMO NYC than meets the eye. His auto detailing business has received significant support in the automotive industry. After impressive success in the craft, he has now “plunged” into the video game industry with the concept of his own game, Car Detailing Simulator.

Along with the process of transforming your car from dirty to clean and fully rebuilt, this game is much more than just a reboot of the Car Wash Simulator game.

The simulator allows you to “discover the lost parts of automotive history and restore them to their former glory” – consider this as a kind of opportunity to be in the role of restorer Larry Cosilla. After spending as much time on restoration as you want, you can publish the resulting car “on the Internet and reap the benefits of your labor.” By making a profit, you can expand and improve your business to attract more profitable customers. Naturally, we are talking about the virtual world.

The release date of the game is still unknown. It is reported that the creators of the game are currently working on all kinds of bugs, gameplay, and also fix defects that may arise during the game. It looks like the game will initially launch on PC via Steam, and rumor has it that it will eventually be available on consoles as well.

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