Designers introduced the spectacular Rolls-Royce concept

Designers introduced the spectacular Rolls-Royce concept

June 29, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The chances of seeing the embodiment of a car in reality even in a single copy are very small. However, there is something to see here.

Japanese car designer Honda Julien Feske introduced what a luxury Rolls-Royce would look like in the future. The designer named his project Rolls-Royce Apparition and shared the results of work on the Web. In the images we see a visualization of an electric car of the British brand.

According to Fezke, he was inspired by Rolls-Royce Phantom II, who began to assemble it back in 1933. In his work, the designer tried to combine the most modern technologies, as well as what we saw before. From modern cars, the concept takes cameras instead of classic rear-view mirrors, modern wheels and aerodynamic body kit, as well as LED headlights.

From the era of the past, it is worth noting the presence of spare wheels in the side of the car – this is how the “spare tire” was fastened in the pre-war period. The silhouette of the car is also capable of causing great interest – the concept is made in the spirit of the Phantom II of the 30s, which is uncharacteristic for the premium brand at the present time.

Despite the combination of the two eras, the Rolls-Royce corporate identity is immediately recognized in the car. This was the main goal of the artist – according to him, he perfectly understands that such a car is unlikely to get to production, but the creation of such a project helped to gain invaluable experience.

It’s hard to imagine how much is the Rolls-Royce cost in that appearance.