Designers introduced the radical concept of Renault Le Mans

Designers introduced the radical concept of Renault Le Mans

October 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Le Mans is moving from the world of LMP1 prototype racing cars to production hypercar cars.

However, Finnish designer Esa Mustonen decided to imagine what a radical prototype of a Renault racing car could be if it ever saw the light of day. Mustonen drew inspiration from the twisty Le Mans racing cars of the 60s and the tougher faces and surfaces of the best supercars of the 90s. The result is a fully electric beast using supercapacitors that look so good that they can be exhibited in the museum.

Gigantic air intakes dominate the front of the concept, delivering air to the front brakes and through the body. These openings are a little similar in design to the huge air tunnels located at the rear of the Lotus Evija. At the front of the Renault Le Mans Concept are also visible gold accents, a curved front splitter and one LED panel. It is also impossible not to notice that the front wheel arches are so high that they almost reach the roof.

The sides of the car are stunningly beautiful and stand out thanks to metallic gold and a honeycomb pattern. A huge turbine (or perhaps a fan to create downforce), vertical LED lights on the two rear fins and open suspension components are visible from behind. Gold accents on top of the concept complete the striking image.