Designers introduced Kia Telluride pickup

Designers introduced Kia Telluride pickup

October 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Telluride with a square face looks like a big SUV. And this made designers wonder if they should create a pickuride based on Telluride.

In terms of size, the potential Kia Telluride pickup is likely to fall into the same mid-size segment as the Honda Ridgeline, Chevrolet Colorado and Ford Ranger. The Kia SUV has a substantial 196.9-inch length, but the designers decided that Kia would add some rear overhang to the Telluride pickup to give it a platform of at least five feet in size.

The medium-sized truck segment is growing rapidly, so it is not surprising that automakers who have not traditionally offered pickups in the United States are looking at this. Kia never offered a pickup truck in the United States, and at the beginning of this year, the head of the company was embarrassed by this topic in an interview with MotorTrend, without confirming or refuting information about the future Kia pickup truck.

The only problem we see is that the Australian Kia executive has actually confirmed that the company is working on a truck (at least for this market), but it has also been said that it will be based on the upcoming compact Hyundai Santa Cruz. In any case, if Kia really gets the truck, it will not go beyond, especially if it looks something like Telluride with a cargo compartment on it.