Designer TATA Motors showed prototype hypercar Koenigsegg Ghost

Designer TATA Motors showed prototype hypercar Koenigsegg Ghost

December 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Riccardo Angelini demonstrated his own vision of the new hypercar from Koenigsegg.

The Koenigsegg lineup now includes Jesko and Regera. According to brand founder Christian von Koenigseg, an inexpensive hybrid hypercar is also being developed. Designer Riccardo Angelini showed what a new Koenigsegg hypercar might look like.

The prototype was created as part of the Koenigsegg Sketch Challenge project, which was launched by Koenigsegg chief designer Sasha Selipanov. So, he invited designers to develop a dream hypercar.

It should be emphasized that Riccardo Angelini is a rather significant figure, since, in fact, he is developing the exterior of cars at Tata Motors, but he still found time to participate in the project. Angelini’s creation is based on the achievements of past Koenigsegg models, while the conceptual model is completely unique.

The most notable element of this prototype is the familiar cab design. In front, it is worth noting the convex wheel arches, as well as thin strips of LED headlights. Air ducts are located on the sides of the hypercar, which provide an increase in downforce.

 At the back you can see a large wing, which is combined with a diffuser and includes taillights. This prototype looks very futuristic, while it retains recognizable features of the brands.