Designer of the updated BMW 7-Series Sedan explains the giant grille

Designer of the updated BMW 7-Series Sedan explains the giant grille

March 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

It turns out that a massive radiator grille is needed not only to create a stylish look, it also performs a functional role.

There are two words that best describe the new false radiator grille of the huge Bavarian 7 Series sedan: massive and polarized. The decision of BMW engineers to increase the size of this exterior element caused controversial opinions in the automotive community – someone liked the combination of huge “nostrils” with narrow headlights, while others did not.

 But in case you are among those who wanted an explanation from the Bavarian brand, Alex Heza, designer of BMW, spoke in detail about the new design in the recently published video.

  According to Mr. Heza, the huge 7 Series grille was designed to have much better integration with the rest of the BMW line. In general, a large sedan – a large grille. This can also be seen with the BMW X5 and X7 crossovers – the bigger the car, the bigger its grille.

  He also added that the larger grille allowed (or forced?) To create a lower bumper in a more minimalist style, which ultimately improves the overall aerodynamics of the sedan. It turns out that exactly what many hate, really serves a specific purpose.

  We advise you to watch the video to the end, from it you can learn a lot about the purpose of certain design elements of the updated executive class Bavarian sedan.

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