Designer McLaren F1 improved Singapore electro-hypercar Dendrobium

Designer McLaren F1 improved Singapore electro-hypercar Dendrobium

March 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

McLaren F1 designer Peter Stevens has helped England-based Dendrobium Automotive to finalize the D-1 electro-hypercar. The car received a small, but, according to the company’s management, very important changes, as well as a new version – XP-2.

The basis of the electric vehicle is a carbon fiber monocoque, covered with external panels made of composite materials. According to rumors, the D-1 XP-2 is built on the FW-EVX platform developed by Williams Advanced Engineering. The mass of the car – 1750 kilograms, and the power of the power plant is 1825 horsepower and 2000 Nm of torque. From zero to 97 kilometers per hour, the D-1 XP-2 accelerates in 2.7 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 322 kilometers per hour.

The inspiration for the appearance of the hypercar became the flowers of the Dendrobium orchid, which is considered to be the birthplace of Asian countries. In addition to the project, Williams Advanced Engineering, which was responsible for the aerodynamics and electrical systems of the hypercar, was attended by former employees of Koenigsegg, Lamborghini, Lotus, McLaren and Rimac.

Concept Dendrobium debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in 2017. The construction of the hypercar involved Singapore Vanda Electrics, which under this project opened a subsidiary of Dendrobium Motors. In 2018, it was decided that the British Dendrobium Automotive would take over the construction of the car.