Designed plastic camshaft. He will make cars cheaper

Designed plastic camshaft. He will make cars cheaper

May 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Fraunhofer Institute of Chemical Technology tested the technology on a real engine

Employees at the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology ICT have developed a plastic camshaft module. The authors of the project hope that such elements will reduce the mass and cost of cars, as well as simplify the assembly of engines.

At this stage, the technology is represented by a demo created in collaboration with the MAHLE Group, Daimler, SBHPP / Vyncolit and the Georges Pernoud Group. The ICT camshaft module is made of fiber-reinforced thermosetting polymer, that is, a material with high hardness, and at the most stressful points it is reinforced with aluminum inserts. The module is supplied complete, and is able to withstand high temperatures, coupled with serious mechanical or chemical attack.

ITC plans to reduce the production cost of the camshaft module by using blanks that are close in shape to the final part. In addition, the life of thermosetting polymer injection molds is significantly higher (about 500,000 cycles) than that of high-pressure aluminum molds. But the assembly will be simplified thanks to a monolithic design with integrated bearings.

The module has already passed 600 hours of testing, which confirmed its suitability for installation in internal combustion engines. The composite withstands high loads, is not destroyed, and still absorbs noise and vibration well. In addition, low mass helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions.