Designed for Ford spacecraft tests give almost nothing

Designed for Ford spacecraft tests give almost nothing

March 27, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

On the eBay web portal, an auction is held for the sale of the 1999 Ford F-250, which was used to test spacecraft. Within 9 hours before the close of trading, the current bid is only $ 2,999

The pickup was developed for the XCOR Aerospace company, which since 1999 has been creating a space tourism ship. The Ford F-250 was used for aerodynamic tests of smaller Lynx spacecraft models. In 2017, the company declared bankruptcy, and the project was never implemented.

Only the front part of the pickup truck has not changed, and behind the wings it is worth noting the presence of parts of the spacecraft in a 1: 3 scale made of stainless steel. Instead of a simple roof, a low polycarbonate hood was installed, which made it necessary to remake the front doors. The interior, in which the small steering wheel and 2 bucket seats, was partially dismantled.

The Ford F-250 has an in-line 238-horsepower V8 diesel engine with a volume of 7.3 liters and a 4-band automatic transmission. In tests, a lightweight pickup could accelerate to 160 km / h.