Demonstrated electric car BMW iX

Demonstrated electric car BMW iX

November 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

BMW has unveiled a new electric crossover iX.

This model is built on a new platform that BMW specialists have developed specifically for electric vehicles. As for the size of the newest car, it repeats the length of the X5, the height – X6, and the size of the wheelbase – X7. It is worth saying that the new electric car has a minimalistic, but at the same time futuristic design. The model also features a large “nostril” grille that integrates various sensors and a camera to support advanced driver assistance systems.

The iX is the first production car BMW to feature a hexagonal steering wheel, which the manufacturer notes “improves easy accessibility and provides a better view of the multimedia display”. Another interior highlight is the electric push-button seat console, now located on the door panels. Along with this, the model is equipped with the largest digital screen ever installed in a BMW model.

The iX model is equipped with two electric motors with a capacity of over 500 hp, which will allow the electric car to accelerate to 100 km / h in less than five seconds. The electric motors will be powered by a battery with a capacity of 100 kW / h, which will provide a power reserve of up to 600 km in the WLTP cycle. At the same time, in the end result, these indicators may be revised, since the new caris still at the development stage, albeit final. It is noted that it will take only 10 minutes to replenish the battery with energy equivalent to 120 km using a fast charger.

Production of the new BMW iX is expected to start in the second half of 2021 at the German company’s facility in Dingolfing, Germany. In turn, sales of new items should start by the end of next year.

In addition, it was recently noted that a rare sports sedan BMW M3 CRT was put up for sale. It should be emphasized that the sale of this car with a mileage of 804 km to the German corporation is the New York Autosport Designs auto show.