DeLorean in exclusive color with low mileage sold at auction

DeLorean in exclusive color with low mileage sold at auction

September 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The happy owner received a car for 32 thousand dollars.

The car left the assembly line in 1981. For almost forty years, its mileage was less than ten thousand kilometers. Among all the models, it is this one that boasts so many small kilometers. Although the car practically did not get into operation, it was serviced to the highest quality standards.

Even over the past year, the then owner of the model repaired the fuel system and other systems, changed sensors and fluids to ensure work with new equipment.

The exclusive coloring of a car especially affected the cost. This option the car received thanks to the owner. Factory models were painted gray, and then the color was chosen by the owner independently. Three cars were specially painted by a third-party contractor in yellow, black and red colors.

Multi-colored cars were sold after the company went bankrupt. So, a red car went to a man who later simply brushed off the paint, since he knew little about the value of the car. The black car was repainted blue, but the yellow one was spotted in 2018 in one of the US states.