Deliveries of the hypercar Mercedes-AMG One will begin in 2021

Deliveries of the hypercar Mercedes-AMG One will begin in 2021

November 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

It became known that when developing a road hypercar with an F1 engine, difficulties arose.

The development of the Mercedes-AMG One hypercar is behind the schedule. One was first introduced in 2017, and its production was due to begin in 2019. Despite the fact that the release date was delayed, it became known that the first copies of the hypercars will be delivered to customers in 2021.

At the Los Angeles Auto Show, AMG Product and Sales Management boss Michael Keller, in an interview with Road and Track, spoke about the fate of the project. According to Michael, customers have already received a notification that they will receive cars in 2021. “We had some problems, but now we have reached a tipping point,” – said Keller.

While working on the hypercar engine, Mercedes-AMG engineers encountered a number of problems. Specialists needed to reduce emissions and noise, as well as optimize the power plant for civilian use.

In addition, due to the design features, the F1 engine must start thanks to an external starter, and the oil in it should already be warmed up. Engineers also worked on this issue, because otherwise the resource of a 1.6-liter engine rotating at a speed of up to 15,000 rpm would be extremely small.

The company Mercedes-AMG plans to produce 275 copies of the hypercar, the cost of each of which is $ 2.7 million.