Defective Takata airbags are dangerous even after they have been replaced

Defective Takata airbags are dangerous even after they have been replaced

November 18, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Replaced as part of the largest revocable company in the world, more than 14 million Takata airbags continue to be a source of danger.

But if before Takata carried risks for drivers, now for the environment. The oxidizing agents used in them, which were necessary for a chemical reaction that instantly opens the cushion, can cause serious environmental damage. Negative consequences may also occur after a spontaneous triggering of a pillow, similar to a small explosion. These factors translate dismantled parts into the category of hazardous waste.

According to the rules, the service after replacing the defective part must return it to the manufacturer. But Takata warehouses are not designed for such a quantity of products and simply do not have time to properly dispose of them. Yes, and for the dealers themselves, the execution of the rules incurs additional costs, so some dealers throw hazardous cushions along with ordinary waste. Even more serious danger is the unfair services that sell these pillows as spare parts.

To solve this problem, the US Environmental Protection Agency has decided to change the rules for the transfer of dismantled products. Dealers and scrap metal recyclers can now send Takata pillows to special certified organizations that dispose of them in accordance with the rules for hazardous waste.