Dedicated areas for street racers may appear in America

Dedicated areas for street racers may appear in America

May 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In connection with the coronavirus, the streets of the US cities were empty, but in Atlanta they were occupied by street racers, who organize illegal night races at night.

Despite the fact that car traffic is slowly returning to American roads, city streets are still busy much less than usual – especially in megacities.

  But the roads in Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, have become an illegal street racing circuit in the last couple of weeks since dark. Despite the fact that some street racers were detained by law enforcement officers and fined large sums, it seems that this only irritated the participants in illegal competitions and the problem only continued to worsen.

 For this reason, the city government is considering a more creative method of combating hooliganism on public roads – as reported on Sunday, May 17, CBS, in the United States allow the appearance of dedicated zones for street racers.

The idea is to make a special section in the city where you can drag racing, spin dimes and do burnouts as much as you like – and, most importantly, without creating emergency situations for other drivers.