Unveiled the interior of the “electric S-class” – EQS concept

Unveiled the interior of the “electric S-class” – EQS concept

September 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The unveiling of all the merits, possibly the most impressive Mercedes-Benz concept of recent times, is in full swing. It is generally accepted that the EQS, which the Germans will present at the exhibition in Frankfurt, will become the prototype of the brand’s most expensive and luxurious serial electric car – the technological flagship.

Therefore, the concept was forcibly deprived of traditional controls, but in abundance they were equipped with touch screens – they are mounted in the armrests, the front panel behind the steering wheel and in the central tunnel.

Actually, about half of the massive soaring tunnel is a single curved touch monitor. And, judging by the photo of the test machines, something similar has already been applied in the new generation of the traditional S-class.

The combination of cameras and displays replaced all the mirrors, including the salon, and the middle pillars were removed from the body. The steering wheel was kept to the concept – this indicates that the person will still have the opportunity to personally manage the prototype. However, it is possible Mercedes-Benz will equip the EQS with some very advanced autonomous control system.

The concept received four separate seats of the original design, which, however, are unlikely to survive to mass production. The new generation of the flagship sedan Mercedes-Benz plans to present in 2020, but the electric version will appear much later.

According to rumors, the sedan (or liftback) will be built on some new platform and equipped with a twin-engine power plant similar to that used on the EQC crossover – but will make it much more powerful. And then the more compact four-door – the “green” version of the C-class will be launched on the market.