De Ferran’s remit at McLaren will be reduced

De Ferran’s remit at McLaren will be reduced

April 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Last summer after the resignation of Eric Bouillet, the post of sports director of McLaren took Gilles de Ferrand. The Brazilian is a confidant of Zach Brown, and now he is busy helping Fernando Alonso to prepare for the second attempt to conquer the Indy 500. De Ferrand had this experience: he won this classic race in 2003.

In Formula 1, he has less experience than in overseas series, although from 2005 to 2007 he tried himself as a sports director of the BAR-Honda team, but without much success.

But now in the McLaren the situation is different, the first signs that things are starting to improve are noticeable: the 2019 car turned out to be quite fast, and the staff was noticeably strengthened. Suffice it to say that such a strong specialist came to the team as James Ki, who took the position of technical director at the end of March, and in the coming weeks Andreas Seidl, who previously headed the Porsche program at WEC, will take up the duties of managing director of the team.

In addition, experienced Andrea Stella, Pat Fry, Simon Roberts and Paul James are working in the McLaren guide, responsible for different areas of its activities, and we can expect that the team’s results will gradually improve.

With the arrival of Ki and Seidl, the amount of de Ferran’s duties is likely to decrease, and he and Bob Fearnley will mainly oversee the McLaren program at IndyCar, although it will remain a link between Zach Brown, the head of McLaren Racing, and the team.

“My job is to ensure the efficient operation of the entire organization; to ensure that the necessary specialists are in their places and are engaged in the solution of priority tasks, – this is how de Ferran himself defined his responsibilities. “Andreas Zaydlya has a very rich experience, like James Ki, their coming should strengthen the team, which will allow me to focus on my main role: together with Zach, I will be in charge of sports questions.”