De Ferrand: It’s hard to make predictions this weekend.

De Ferrand: It’s hard to make predictions this weekend.

April 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

McLaren sports director Gilles de Ferran prefers to refrain from predictions for the upcoming qualification: according to him, although the team started the season well, on the days of the Chinese weekend, events can develop according to any scenario.

Gilles de Ferrand: “The beginning of the season was encouraging, the car works well, including on this route, although it differs from those on which the first two stages of the season were held.

We are very pleased with our racers, Carlos Sainz not only shows impressive speed, but also provides the team with very accurate feedback and works effectively with the engineers. Lando Norris spent two Grand Prix, not allowing a single error, and although, of course, he will have to learn a lot during the season, but he has already shown himself well in different situations – when he was, he was aggressive, when he was needed – competently defended.

To be honest, this weekend is very difficult to make any predictions, the rivalry is very keen, and only a few tenths decide whether you pass the second part of the qualification or not. Today, the most important thing is to cope well with all the tasks that have been set, and then we will see what we can achieve. ”

In McLaren Racing de Ferran is responsible for preparing for the upcoming May race Indy 500, in which Fernando Alonso will try again to fight for the victory, so the sports director of the team will soon more closely engage in this program: “After the Spanish Grand Prix, I will pay much more attention.”