Dave Johnson wins RST Superbike Classic TT 2019

Dave Johnson wins RST Superbike Classic TT 2019

August 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Very popular Australian motorcycle racer David Daveau Johnson won his first victory at the Classic TT by winning the RST Superbike Classic TT on Monday.

Most of the race, the Alistair Cowan Racing Kawasaki 750 pilot rode second, losing about 10 seconds to race leader Michael Suzuki. On the fourth, last lap, the Irishman lost his distance when several miles were left to the finish line. He is having trouble with a motorcycle.

David Johnson took advantage of the situation and won the race by winning his first career victory at the Classic TT event. Dave beat Grenall Racing Kawasaki for more than 40 seconds, with James Hiller (Racing Ducati) taking the last prize.

“These bikes are really hard to ride. I’m really happy because I squeezed everything out of him. Thanks to Alistair Cuen and the team. In the last lap, I planned to wave my fans to the Hillberry site, but then I saw that Dunlop got off, so he bowed his head and pushed, ” – said David Johnson.