DAS system will be banned in 2021

DAS system will be banned in 2021

February 22, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The DAS steering system developed by Mercedes has sparked a storm of discussion in the paddock. Someone, for example, Roman Grosjean or Sebastian Vettel, is delighted with the new items, while someone believes that the DAS does not comply with the regulations, in particular Helmut Marco, but the FIA ​​has no questions about the development of Mercedes.

However, in 2021, DAS will be banned. A few years ago, a clause was introduced in the regulation according to which any technical innovation may be prohibited after a year of use if the Formula 1 Commission considers that the invention is not of value to Formula 1 or its implementation is associated with additional costs.

In accordance with the same paragraph, the team that invented the new product must disclose all the information about the technology and features of the work, but after the end of the season. Thus, only after the race in Abu Dhabi, the teams will know exactly what they came up with in Mercedes.

Even if the Formula 1 Commission decides not to take any action against the DAS, such a steering system is expressly prohibited by paragraph 10.5.2 of the technical regulation 2021. The essence of the paragraph boils down to the fact that a change in the position of the steered wheels, all adjustments of which are determined by the position of the corresponding suspension elements mounted inside the machine body, which are at a fixed distance from each other, should be carried out exclusively due to the rotation of the steering wheel.

In other words, the rider can rotate the steering wheel in one plane, but not pull or push away from himself.

However, Adrian Newey believes that DAS should be banned now, and not wait a whole year: “I don’t have enough explanation that DAS allows you to control the temperature of the tires. There must be aerodynamic reasons. I find it difficult to understand how such a system can be legal. “The driver does not drive the car when pulling the wheel or pushing it away from himself.”