Daon Ravy or ultra-cute minibus with many features

Daon Ravy or ultra-cute minibus with many features

November 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Daon presented a cute mobile home. The car is based on a miniature Kia Ray car and is only available in the South Korean market. According to the assurances of the creators of this motorhome, it has everything you need on a trip.

RVs, camping trailers, and campervans come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, although downsizing is often accompanied by a lack of usable space. But not always. South Korean manufacturer Daon TNT has unveiled its version of a small mobile home. The car is based on the small Kia Ray runabout. In fact, this is a Soul, only of an even smaller size. According to the creators of this vehicle, it can offer a lot of features that you would expect from such a car. A couple of minutes ago it became known about it from the foreign edition of Motor1.com.

A simple berth in a small car would be quite impressive, although the Ravy offers much more.

Yes, the front seats have to be folded down to fit a double bed in the cockpit, but the guys at Daon were also able to install a pull-out kitchen. It has a single burner stove and a sink. That’s impressive for a car that’s almost a meter shorter than the Mini Cooper. Daon has increased the capacity of the camper with a retractable roof, although it can be used as an extra bed that can accommodate two more people, making the Ravy sleeper for three or four people.

The small Ravy RV is equipped with a 100 Ah battery that powers the 220 V, 12 V charging sockets and USB sockets. Campers can also conduct heat away from the heater for increased comfort. Seating is limited, although if the front seats are upright, a partial sofa is obtained, but there is no suitable dining table.

Daon Ravy does not have a shower, bath or refrigerator, which is understandable given the small size of the camper. Storage options are also limited. Daon Ravy is only available in Korea.