Danish bank Saxo Bank “predicted” the global tax on cars and change of ownership at Tesla

Danish bank Saxo Bank “predicted” the global tax on cars and change of ownership at Tesla

December 4, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Economic analysts from Saxo Bank announced the next economic forecast for 2019. In a number of different “predictions” there was a place for the automotive segment. So, in 2019, Apple can buy Tesla, as well as there will be global taxes on cars.

Saxo Bank (Danish bank) became famous for its economic “black” forecasts. This year was no exception, and a number of alleged events look both unlikely and quite real. However, we are interested in forecasts in the automotive segment, where significant events can also occur.

So, due to the constantly changing ecology, the cause of which is a huge amount of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere (according to some experts), a new tax may be introduced. International transport companies, and quite possibly automakers, will have to pay a certain amount for the amount of CO2 emitted. It is assumed that the rate will be about $ 50 per ton of emissions.

“The stock price and bonds of travel, aviation and shipping companies will fall sharply against the background of increasing uncertainty and slowing growth,” – economists warn.

Another news could be the change of ownership of Tesla. It is assumed that the company will buy the most expensive holding Apple. Moreover, the transaction can take place at a bargain price for Tesla with an overpayment of 40%. Thus, the share price will be $ 100 more than Elon Musk suggested in his scandalous Twitter.