Daniel Riccardo does not regret leaving Red Bull

Daniel Riccardo does not regret leaving Red Bull

October 18, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The best result of Daniel Riccardo this season remains fourth in Monza, while his former Red Bull Racing team mate Max Verstappen regularly raises the podium and won two races. Nevertheless, Daniel assures that he does not regret his decision to change the team.

Daniel Riccardo: “I do not regret the change of team. I tried to imagine what kind of results I would achieve this year if I played for Red Bull, and I did not have the feeling that I would achieve something different compared to last year. I have no feeling that I would have achieved more. Yes, Max won several races, but the team did not increase compared to the time when I played for them.

Perhaps I would have climbed the podium several times, but I have previously climbed the podiums, and this is not at all what I ultimately strive for in Formula 1. Knowing what results are currently capable of in Red Bull, I don’t I think that would satisfy me. Yes, last year I was much higher in the standings, but I felt more disappointed than now.

This year I realized that we are not able to win the championship. Of course, the fourth place is better than the fifth, and the fifth is the best sixth … While we are moving forward to achieve great progress in 2020 and fight for the podiums, everything suits me.

I believe that after the summer break we got the maximum from the car. We consistently performed on various types of tracks, but in Singapore I got a penalty, in Russia there was an incident on the first lap, so not everything went smoothly for us. We had several unsuccessful races, but made conclusions from them. Some races turned out to be painful, but we are progressing, and this is enough for me to remain positive and optimistic.

I perfectly understand the problems of the team, and I do not expect that tomorrow we will solve them. Next year I will put more pressure on the team, as I expect more. ”