Damon Hill: Replacing Whiting is impossible

Damon Hill: Replacing Whiting is impossible

March 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Sky Sport F1 expert, world champion 1996 Damon Hill about the sudden death of Charlie Whiting before the first stage of the season in Melbourne …

Damon Hill: “We are all incredibly shocked. Charlie was one of those who should always be with us, like the voice of reason. He took on a huge responsibility, playing a key role in our sport. It will be extremely difficult if not impossible to replace.

The riders treated him with great respect. He came to them to brief the pilots, we turned to him when we had any problems, concerns or concerns.

In 1994, after the race in Imola, I talked a lot with him about security, and I always knew that he would make the right decision. ”