Damon Hill: Hamilton – the greatest British racer

Damon Hill: Hamilton – the greatest British racer

October 16, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

1996 Champion Damon Hill considers Lewis Hamilton the best of the British pilots who spoke in Formula 1 …

Damon Hill: “There is no doubt that Lewis is the greatest racer who was born in the UK. Another title, and it will equal Michael Schumacher, who was considered inaccessible.

From year to year he fights with the best and has reached an incredible level. He grew up in every way, becoming a very formidable rival. Now Lewis is at the peak of form – he knows this and feels relaxed.

I think his success deserves more recognition in the UK, but this is the problem of our sport. I don’t think it’s Lewis’s fault. There are still fans, but many viewers around the world have moved away from Formula 1, when Michael Schumacher constantly won. ”