Damon Hill: Daniel made the right choice

Damon Hill: Daniel made the right choice

March 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

When Daniel Riccardo announced the transition from Red Bull Racing to Renault, many felt that the australian did not want to compete with Max Verstappen for the status of team leader. However, the champion in 1996, Damon Hill does not agree with this opinion. At the presentation of the Australian Grand Prix on the channel Kayo Sports Briton said that Ricardo saw good chances in Renault.

Damon Hill: “Daniel has no problem believing in himself. This is one of the most benevolent people in the sport, a real ray of sunshine. Many riders walk across the paddock with a scowl, and there is a wide smile on Daniel’s face, but deep in his heart he wants to win and knows that the time is running out. Riccardo is 29 years old – he may have felt that the team’s attention is now focused on young Verstappen and he is not receiving adequate support. In my opinion, he thought: “I do not want to stand still, I still have a chance.”

If I compare Daniel with me, at the age of 29 I didn’t have a job, and a few years later I became a world champion. We must move forward and consider ourselves as the main thing. In this sport you do not want to be on the outskirts and be content with the status of the “second number”, because it does not suit Daniel Riccardo. If he agreed, he would hate himself.

Do not forget that Alain Prost is involved in the Renault project, so it’s good to be in this situation. Ricardo will still not be easy to get ahead of Niko Hulkenberg – he is highly appreciated.

Daniel is not afraid of fights, but I do not agree that he left the Red Bull Racing, because he could not beat Max Verstappen. He still believes that he can do it. Riccardo moved to Renault because it helps the rider if the team is guided by him and he can surround himself with talented experts. In Renault invested in a contract with Riccardo, and from their side it would be foolish not to listen to him.

Renault has enormous resources and the potential to impose a struggle on Mercedes and Ferrari. If the car is competitive, they will invest in its completion. In addition, this team has a glorious history in sports, they have successfully performed before.

I sincerely hope that the transition to Renault is the right move by Riccardo. This team is becoming more competitive, investing more in development and expanding the staff. The new car performed well on tests. ”